We absolutely love throwing pumping parties at Lay Day and we have become known for exactly that. The ridiculous thing is that we have gone as far as to strategically place our notorious open-air bar in between 2 of our 4 glorious pools to support that cause. So when we say that our bar is the heart of Lay Day Surf Hostel, we aren’t even joking, we mean it In every way. It is literally the centrepiece of our hostel and it is an icon

From the moment you walk through the front door you step right into the bar and all of its action. In fact, our front desk is actually situated right in the bar. New arrivals immediately getting offered a Bintang by fellow guests upon check-in is therefore a common sight. Everyone is immediately included, if not sucked in to all the shenanigans that take place within our walls

Our massive U-shaped bar has been designed to offer guests the perfect spot to meet other likeminded travellers and to mingle with our awesome outgoing local staff. Every standard 6-bed dorm faces this social space meaning there is no place to hide when you step out of your dorm. So if you are not the social type, then we are not your type (we mean that in a friendly way). Right beside the bar we also have awesome chill-out sun-loungers where you can soak up the sun because that is what you came to Bali for right?

Fill yourself up with the needed nutrients upstairs in our cafe, then join us at the bar in the evening for a little bit of well-earned naughty time after a fun-filled Canggu-style day.

Our bar is open all day from 08:00 till 23:00 for ice-cold beers and cocktails – just what you need for poolside lazing or a Lay Day style Canggu pre-party


What to do when your bellies are calling at you? Well, have no fear, a delightful cafe is here!

At Lay Day we have made sure that a great feed is never a venture too far. Simply hop on upstairs to find our breezy, life-is-too-easy rooftop cafe and order yourself a post-surf coconut. Boost your caffeine levels while planning your holiday (or working behind your laptop), sip from a healthy colourful smoothie, or nourish yourself with one of the most delicious meals you’ve ever had in a hostel.

Whats better than a big fat juicy burger, deliciously stuffed full of glorious goods that balance the meat with crunchy lettuce, a slathering of caramelized onions, soft melted cheese and some sticky sauce? And oh, do not forget the fries. Oh, those fries…

On our menu we’ve thoughtfully brought together all of your favorite things you might only dream about on one hell of a hangover – and for that you will be eternally grateful. From the naughty but oh-so scrumptious grilled chicken breast covered in tasty creamy mushroom sauces and a side salad, to fresher and healthier variations such as our smoothie bowls that are as perfectly satisfying as their heavier counterparts, our kitchen is well-tasked to get your mouthes watering.

Leading the charge here are our scrumptiously filling breakfast variations of eggs on toasted sourdough, the big fat delicious burgers stuffed full of the good kind of sloppiness and the juicy chicken breast we’ve already mentioned above that we can’t get enough of…

To summarise, there is a whole lotta freshness and tastiness on offer and we are open from 08:00 till 21:30!


What more is there to say? We have 4 super refreshing pools scattered around our hostel grounds. In other words, this proves we have more than enough water volume for the pool needs of all 90 guests and more. Whether you’re looking to sip your Bintangs with some mates in the pool, quietly sun bathe by some water or get romantic with a new crush in semi-secret, there is something for everyone.


Incase you haven’t heard, we started the hostel-pool-party culture in Canggu. These are officially and strictly held every single Wednesday without fault and a hilariously exciting beer pong tournament is part of the itinerary. We aren’t messing around, we are the real OG’s in this department. These pool parties of ours have quietly become the main ingredient to our success to the point that nobody can get enough, and almost daily pool parties happen organically within our grounds. Attempts have been made to copy us elsewhere…


No hostel should come without BBQ facilities but surprisingly many do. Not ours though, and ours goes hand in hand with a picnic table area which converts into our beer pong area. Every Friday we do a free BBQ for all of our guests, serving delicious hot dogs and local style chicken skewers to prepare everyone for the Friday night to come. Typically these Friday BBQ sessions quickly turn into a full on pre-party where all of our guests have a chance to mingle with one another before moving on to other famous Canggu Night spots when our bar closes.